co-edited by Kate Wadkins & Stacy Konkiel
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So here we are, is now officially ours again. As Stacy mentioned a little while ago, we are undergoing major changes here at IGGU, and we want your input.

We are looking for a few good writers / artists (of ALL kinds) / list-makers / reviewers / et cetera. Yes, this means YOU! In the spirit of zine-ing, you need no “official” experience, but of course we’d like to see samples from your personal zines or blogs on IGGU-related topics.

For a bit about what we’re looking for, here’s the original call for submissions:


International Girl Gang Underground is going to exist largely on the internet for the near future. While we’ll be getting all of the print material from Issue 1 transferred here, we are accepting brand new content online. There is a submit tab that you can use, as well, please e-mail us (girlgangunderground at gmail dot com) if you’d like to contribute regularly. We’ll be getting in touch with past contributors to the physical zine in the coming weeks.

We are super excited for the future, and for you to join the Gang!

With love & solidarity,
Kate Wadkins
Editor in Chief 

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