co-edited by Kate Wadkins & Stacy Konkiel
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In Transition


Apologies for the technical difficulties. I’ve (Stacy) finally gotten it together to change the domain name name over from our old host, and a few issues arose with the its migration. And of content.

We’re moving everything off of our paid hosting service to the pages of Tumblr, as it has two great things going for it: a) there’s an engaged feminist/queer community in place and b) it’s free. We want to bring our content closer to you, instead of making you come to us. We’re hoping the move will result in more participation and conversation, two things to which we’re committed.

With this change may come some differences in usability and features; we’re hoping to keep our directory, reviews, and articles intact, but there’s a chance that some things might go away. We’ll let you know if that happens.

Further, we wanted to share the good news that, once the migration is complete, all articles published in theInternational Girl Gang Undergroundzine (not just our excellent online exclusives) will be made freely available online, under a CC-BY-NC license.

Finally, you should know that some changes in editorship will be taking place in the next few months. While I’m going to remain on board as a web editor and founder, KW (who’s been doing a majority of organizing, booking, and promotion on behalf of the IGGUzine and Girl Gang Gig Volume for more than a year now) will be the sole editor of the zine. She’ll announce opportunities soon for those of you who want to up your contribution to the IGGU community.

Thank you to KW for being such an amazing ally and friend. And to all of our contributors and readers for participating in this experiment.

With gratitude,

Stacy K.

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